market data industryWith more than 25 years of international experience in the market data industry Screen has completed over 750 market & reference data projects for more than 500 clients world-wide.

Over 100 customers throughout the world trust INFOmatch to manage their financial market data costs, processes and workflows more efficiently.

INFOmatch serves several types of organisations; all having their specific needs and requirements when it comes to professional market data management. Find below a selection of our clients, categorised by type:


INFOmatch is designed for various types of banks, which want to be in control of their expenditures on financial information services. Use flexible and intuitive features to manage all kinds of contracts, allocate costs, keep track of historical changes, control access permissioning and define budgets. Compare the Total Cost of Ownership between different locations and tease out purchasing imbalances.

Asset managers

When market data management does not have your primary focus, use INFOmatch and its outsourcing features to do the administrative “heavy lifting” for you. Much of the operational burden can be taken over by INFOmatch and Screen’s analysts/administrators. Market data management doesn’t need to be the second job for a portfolio manager.


As a broker you have many business relationships that involve, in some kind of way, market data coming in and going out. INFOmatch helps you to keep track of all these relationships and how you, the one in the middle, are exposed to the originators of the data. Stay in control, and find ways of optimising your market data sourcing, while staying compliant.

Hedge funds

You rely on quality market data, from the best sources for pricing data, reference data, counter-party data, etc. Better than having this information scattered around the organisation (worse, in spreadsheets made by people that have long left the firm), use INFOmatch to keep track of the various sources, the terms & conditions for using the data, and the contract expiry dates.


As a trader firm, you rely on some of the most expensive financial information (terminal) products in the world. You know that your people are making money with these systems, but how high are the costs; per desk, per head? Do you have benchmark data, from similar firms? INFOmatch helps to provide answers to these questions, and enables you to make more informed decisions about expanding certain businesses.

Pension Funds

Whether you are a small pension firm, or a rather large one, there are bound to be market data costs in your organisation. The contracts are often held by various people, for historical reasons. After many years there is no longer an overview and no means of having relevant discussions with the sources of market data, such as vendors and exchanges. Use INFOmatch to make these costs transparent, and to start looking for opportunities to optimise market data spend.

Energy & commodity trading firms

Trading in energy and commodity contracts of all sorts has really taken off during the last two decades – and so have the costs associated with the trading and market data systems. When business is slow, you should know which market data costs can be shed, and how quickly. INFOmatch helps with this, along with many other market data management issues.


Vendors use INFOmatch to monitor outbound as well as inbound contracts. It helps to analyse revenue and service breakdown by country, customer, supplier, account manager, product group, product type or product. The system also assists in managing all inbound data feeds. The billing process has never been easier using the unique invoice generator, which automatically creates all invoices per customer over any required period in one go. Accelerate your marketing and sales actions through the powerful analysis reports.


Use INFOmatch to track all (re)vendor contracts in one single central database. It monitors all exchange fees for every vendor or re-vendor, and the basic functionality allows for tracking annual fees, number of accesses, amounts, etc. in such a way that it will be the basis for all invoice reconciliation, contract roll-over warnings and turnover analysis. Reconciling vendor permissioning reports against user data in the central system has never been easier.


Download the full fact sheet explaining how INFOmatch helps exchanges to optimise their market data operational infrastructure >>


Treasury, cash management, risk management and CFO functions at (international) corporations rely increasingly on external market data sources to perform their duties. INFOmatch is instrumental in keeping track of the cost of these sources, and to identify potential alternatives. Manage all kinds of contracts, allocate costs, keep track of historical changes, control access permissioning and define budgets.