market data spendBeyond the traditional market data spend, INFOmatch is also being used for tracking other types of data, licenses and contracts. Our clients use INFOmatch as a ‘golden source‘ to have a better grip on procurement, cost, allocations and data management in general. Again, the driving forces to do this are transparency, control and compliance.

Besides market data spend, find below also a selection of other spend categories, which can be tracked and managed with INFOmatch:

Market data

Terminal products, streaming news feeds, stock exchange fees.

Reference data

End-of-day file deliveries, historical batch files, on-demand services.

Index licenses

Usage terms & conditions, departmental licenses, assets under management. Index license management >>

Data feeds & Applications

Per-security licenses, departmental restrictions, multiple pricing schemes.

Custodial & Broker fees

Business terms & conditions, objects of services, special pricing schemes.

Connectivity & Infrastructure

Data distribution platforms, IT communication charges, hosting, outsourcing contracts.


Contents of contracts, stacked royalty agreements, conditional service provision.

Software licenses

All software licenses your firm is purchasing.

Enterprise-wide Subscriptions & Publications

Magazines, website subscriptions, research publications, etc.


Data communication costs, in-house or outsourced, proximity hosting.

Basically, INFOmatch can track any type of cost / contract. Examples include IT, insurance and rental costs.