This page provides an overview of enhancements and improvements that have been introduced in the 2016 December release of INFOmatch (build 42710).


In this document, you will find new and enhanced features of the INFOmatch 2016 December release version 42710. In most cases, a brief description of the functionality and a screenshot is given to highlight the feature or function.

This release covers:
– 77 New/Enhancements
– 202 Fixes

A complete overview of all the new functions and enhancements including bug fixes are available in the change log, which can be accessed from within the INFOmatch application. To view the change log, go to the menu ‘Help’ and choose ‘Change Log’.


1. General enhancements

Improved lookup functionality

The lookup functionality used in the dropdown boxes in INFOmatch has been improved and looks a little bit different now. Before this version, upon opening the dropdown list INFOmatch loaded all values available in your database, and this could take a considerable amount of time (e.g. when loading the list of organisation entities when adding a new position).

Improved Lookup Functionality
This is now enhanced with a lookup functionality using a filter.

Improved Lookup Functionality Filter
The dropdown box will open much faster, and the filter allows you to quickly select the correct value. The filter uses a ‘contains’ operator. You can still click in the list of values and navigate the old way by typing the first characters of the value to look for.

Automatic Numbering

There is a new automatic numbering functionality for contract and invoice ID’s. This can be found by going to Maintenance |Settings | Automatic numbering. When you enter a mask code INFOmatch will automatically generate a contract or invoice ID based on this mask code when creating a new contract or invoice.

You can add a prefix and/or postfix, define the number of characters reserved for the number (%[-][Width], blank padding left or right), and define the number of digits of the generated number ([.Precision], leading zeros added to reach the precision size). Use the “Test” button to see the result of your mask code.

In the example below we have used the mask code “PREFIX__POSTFIX” where we have changed the prefix and post fix into “Account__Country”.

Automatic Numbering

2. Seperation of duties

Separation of duties (SoD) (also known as “Segregation of duties”) is the concept of having more than one person required to complete a task. In business the separation by sharing more than one individual in one single task is an internal control intended to prevent fraud and error.
A SoD role can be set up or edited by INFOmatch users when they have the appropriate rights and the required license key. This module can be accessed via Maintenance | Separation of Duties

Seperation of Duties
The SoD is currently available for Contract creation, Invoice creation and broker amount creation.

Please see the following example for contract creation:
ABC Bank’s internal policies include that a new contract needs to be approved first by the business and legal before it can be signed and accepted in INFOmatch:

Seperation of Duties Contract Creation

Approval roles at ABC Bank for Contract creations

The Separation of Duties module helps ABC Bank to make sure that this procedure is followed at any time:

  1. A new contract is created in INFOmatch and approval has been requested (status: ‘Pending Approval’).
  2. In this example “David Simons” from Finance automatically receives an email that includes a tokenized link to approve (or decline) the request via Enterprise Control. Declining requires stating a reason.
  3. After David’s approval, the next approval role will be automatically triggered. In this example Bob from the legal (which is also an INFOmatch administrator) receives a user task with the request to legally approve this contract. Again, declining requires stating a reason.
  4. Once both David and Bob have approved the request, the status of the contract will automatically change from ‘Pending Approval’ to ‘Fee Liable’.
  5. When the request is declined the requester will automatically receive an email with the reason of rejection, and the status of the contract will remain unchanged (‘Pending Approval’). Based upon feedback and resulting amendments to the contract it is possible to resend an approval request for the same contract.
Seperation of Duties Review Contract

Bob’s view when he is requested to approve (or decline) the contract

3. Soft Commissions

INFOmatch is now perfectly capable of supporting investment managers claim compliance with the soft dollar standards. We now have additional layers of approval and the ability to limit soft dollar eligibility on product and user level. Additionally, our new INFOmatch Soft Commissions module allows tracking more information of the broker, like payment instructions, commission sharing agreements, and delivers an overview of broker commission credits versus paid invoices and pending invoice amounts.
Please see a simplified example below:

A new broker can be created by going to the “Soft Commissions” module which can be found under the modules at the left side. We have created a broker called “ABC Broker” with a broker credit amount of $50.000 USD.

Soft Commissions


We also created a product “ECM Analytics” that has a monthly cost of $10.000 USD which will be softed for 50%. The percentage that can be softed can be set on the contract item on the “Ruling” tab by entering the correct number at the “Soft Eligible “field.

Soft Commissions Contract Item

When creating or editing an invoice, you can enable softing for an invoice by clicking on the dropdown box at payment type and by changing the value to “Soft”. A confirmation window will then appear.

Soft Commissions Edit Invoice

After clicking on the “Yes” button it will show a new field called “Payment via Broker” where you can select the broker and it will add additional columns showing the “Hard” and “Soft” amounts for this invoice. After setting the “Payment via Broker” to “ABC Broker” it will calculate the remaining credit amount for the selected broker. This will be visible when you look at this broker in the Soft Commissions module.

Soft Commissions Edit Broker

4. Redesigned Entitlements Interface for Thomson Reuters DACS

Our “Entitlements Interface for Thomson Reuters DACS” has been redesigned and will replace the current version and can be accessed via the Interfaces menu. Your DACS machine(s) can now be managed by clicking on the link ‘Manage DAS machines’. This will open a new window where you can create, edit and delete your DACS machines.

As on this version direct connections to the DACS machine are no longer supported, so when editing a DACS machine you can only select which Sub Site field you want to use.

Redesigned Entitlements Interface Thomson Reuters DACS


Also new in this version is the much requested “Action Preview” window which shows all the updates before it actually performs them.


Resigned Entitlements Interface Thomson Reuters DACS Preview

5. Support for Change requests in Enterprise Control

From this INFOmatch version it’s possible to send change requests like cancelling current services, relocate products to a different location (cost centre change) and transfer products to other users via Enterprise Control.

Users can login via Enterprise Control using their e-mail address and password and will then be able to see their current services. Here they can send a change request for the desired service by clicking on the edit button. A new window will pop up and give you the below options and where you can also add a comment if needed.

Support for Change Request Enterprise Control
After the change request has been sent it will trigger the Approval Route points that are assigned to the requester’s approval route first. After it has been approved by all route points of the requester’s approval route, it will then trigger the approval route of the recipient.

6. Redesigned Entitlements Interface for Factset invoices

The “Entitlements Interface for Factset Invoices” has been redesigned, and it now also supports the latest invoice file format. You can use this interface to create and update your Factset contracts and/or reconcile your invoice(s).

Redesigned Entitlements Interface Factset Invoices

At the Product mapping window you can use the ‘Create Unmapped’ button to create new products which will be added to the vendor at the Marketplace.

The same button is also available at the User mapping window. Using this button will create new users and will place them under the department “Unknown Users” in the Organisation Module as shown below.

Redesigned Entitlements Interface Factset Invoices Organisation Module

7. Entitlements Interface for Bloomberg EMRS

Also the “Entitlements Interface for Bloomberg EMRS” has been redesigned. The major changes in this interface are the following:

1. The B-pipe price list can now be imported. The interface will now update contract item prices of EIDs based on the pricelist.

Entitlements Interface Bloomberg Emrs


2. In the Contract Item mapping window there is additional information available regarding the requirements for each EID, which is also extracted from the Bloomberg price file. Select a line to view the requirements for that service.

Entitlements Interface Bloomberg Emrs Contract Item


3. Netting rules are now automatically created based on the netting guidelines which are available on the B-Pipe website, and an additional page “Netting Rules for EIDs” has been added.Here you can enable, disable and edit the automatically generated netting rules.

Entitlements Interface Bloomberg Emrs Netting Rules

8. Single Sign On (SSO) support for Enterprise Control

INFOmatch Enterprise Control now supports single sign-on, web based authentication based on SAML 2.0.

Single Sign On support Enterprise Control