This page provides an overview of enhancements and improvements that have been introduced in the 2016 March release of INFOmatch (build 42448).


On this page you will find the new and enhanced features of the INFOmatch 2016 March release version 42448. In most cases a brief description of the functionality and a screenshot is given to highlight the feature or function.

This release covers:

– 6 new features
– 35 enhancements
– 75 fixes

A complete overview of all the enhancements including bug fixes is available in the change log, which can be accessed from within the INFOmatch application. To open the change log go to the menu “Help” and choose “Change Log”.

Change log

1. Improved performance

The performance in our latest INFOmatch (42438) has increased compared to our previous INFOmatch production version (42448). We have run several Multi User Stress Tests on the same machine using average and large databases. Please find the test results below:

Improved performance

2. Self Upgrade Flow

A new Self Upgrade flow has been implemented in our latest INFOmatch version (42438). After INFOmatch has been upgraded to the latest version, the “INFOmatch software update” function will automatically be disabled for all User Groups.

INFOmatch software update


A user task named “Enable INFOmatch software update functionality” is automatically created during the upgrade and assigned to all users and a reminder is sent. At least one of the INFOmatch users needs to enable this functionality via this User Task.

To do this simply open the User task and select the first option and check the checkbox and click on “OK”.

Enable INFOmatch software update functionality

3. New day count convention

In this INFOmatch version a new day count convention option has been added. INFOmatch now also supports the 30E/360 ISDA Calculation besides the current 30/360 Fraction Calculation.

The new day count option can be found and set at Settings | General | Day Count Convention.

New day count convention

4. Added the ruling option to override the allocation y application

The “Override Application” option has been added to the Allocation rules Wizard. This option can be enabled or disabled to define the application for the Y allocation.
Allocation rules wizard

If enabled:

Override application enabled


Y always follows the application of X:

If disabled:

Override application disabled

Y will get the default application of contract item Y

5. New pages to define start and stop behaviour of Contract Items

When creating or editing a new User Defined Interface for Entitlements it’s now possible to set the contract item start date of new contract items at the “Contract Item Start” window by selecting the desired value in the dropdown box.

Contract item start


This can also be set for the Contract Item Stop at the “Contract Item Stop” window.

Contract item stop

6. Added “Assistant” view at Approval Route

At the Approval Route you can now assign “Assistants” at the Assistants tab. The “Assistant” is able to order and cancel products for users covered in that specific Approval Route.

New approval route assistant

7. Added “Arrange by” functionality in Order Flow module

The orders at the Order Flow can now be grouped. This new option can be found at the bottom left corner at the Order Flow module.

Order flow module

8. Added UDF capability to EDocuments

A User Defined Field can now be added at the object “Documents”.

Edit user defined fields


The User Defined Fields are visible when creating, editing or viewing “Documents” as shown in the example below.

Edit user defined fields new

9. New search functionality in Enterprise Control webpage

In this version the product and users lists will start to load when entering at least 3 characters in the search bars. This enhancement will improve the performance especially for larger databases.

New search functionality

For example when you type in “Bloomberg” at the search bar when ordering a product it will show you all the products that contains the word Bloomberg or that is linked to the vendor Bloomberg.

New search functionality example
This also applies when searching for a position at the search bar when ordering for another recipient.

10. New style in Enterprise Control webpage

It is now possible to customise your view at the Enterprise Control webpage. To add or remove columns simply click on the “Columns” button and add or remove the columns which you want to see or hide from your view. The changes that are made to the columns will be saved in a cookie.

New style enterprise control webpage