INFOmatch Enterprise Control - Order ManagementThe Order Management functionality in INFOmatch enables end users to directly order market data products and services through an integrated product catalog in INFOmatch. The flexible approval process allows heads of desks and cost-center managers to monitor costs, approve purchases, and determine which types of purchases are routed to whom for approval. In addition, it permits checking ordered products and services against defined profiles per desk & department.

At any stage of the ordering process, end users are able to track the status of their requests online in real time. The open (free text) request and chat functionality connects data consumers directly with the firm’s market data team and serves as a centralised audit trail of communications about data subjects, rather than in a series of fragmented emails.

Due to its flexibility and scalability, INFOmatch’s Order Management module is suited for organisations of all sizes. It enhances transparency, customer care and end user responsibility, and in the end dramatically reduces the time to process orders.

Key benefits:
  • End user can directly order services through an integrated product catalog

  • Flexible approval routing process

  • View existing services per user / desk / department

  • Ability to check ordered products against defined profiles

  • End user can track their order status online

  • MDS team is provided with a total overview of all requests

  • Open (free text) request and chat functionality

  • Improved customer care, delivery speed & reliability

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