INFOmatch Enterprise Control - Web AnalyticsDashboards & Heatmaps

Dashboards give you instant access to the key performance drivers, pre-defined indicators and real-time web analytics you need to steer your business to success. They visualise your current market data environment and its changes (over any given time period) at a single glance. The dashboard is designed in such a way that you can drill down on any item to get a better understanding of any change (e.g. more terminals, increase in price, etc). Powerful heatmaps indicate inefficiencies by analysing average cost per user versus your internal benchmark.

Drill Down Reporting (slice & dice data)

Drill Down Reporting offers access to your business reports and provides a rich set of (historical) data analysis and reporting features. It guarantees the highest levels of reporting flexibility and supports anyone in your organisation having an interest in market data, ranging from the end-user, to the market data analyst and the business manager. Data can be aggregated to any level, e.g. drilling down from the highest level (i.e. cost per vendor) to the most detailed level (i.e. cost per product, per user, per month).

Key benefits:
  • Easily monitor key performance drivers, such as profit, cost, data usage, inventory, etc

  • Quickly spot potential business problems

  • Easy-to-use data visualisation tools to help you identifying trends

  • Everyone within your organisation receiving exactly the information they need for their roles

  • Drill-down capabilities let you dig into underlying data and leverage powerful analytics tool

  • Improved transparency & significant cost savings

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