Managed services market data administrationFinding the right staff to manage the complex real time trading environment may prove to be a challenge, if not impossible. In that case you could consider partnering with true market data specialists. Through our successful experience managing market data and trading floor technology, we are able to bring the skills of our highly trained and experienced staff into a complete customised managed services solution.

INFOmatch Assist is a managed services solution which is aimed at providing you with the professional skills into a complete customised solution. Working on-site or off-site, we can manage any element of the market data environment, including market data contract administration; market data invoice reconciliation; managing moves, adds and cancellations (MAC management); internal and external market data reporting (MISU reports, Data Access Declarations); vendor selection and management; market data cost analysis; systems comparisons and systems deployment. We have the experience of successful engagements necessary to assure a cost effective and successful outcome.

The INFOmatch Assist service can be tailored to your needs.
It is comprised of the following components:

MAC management (Moves, Additions and Cancellations)

Processing of all HR related daily changes in the organisation, such as:

  • Moves

  • Joiners

  • Leavers

In addition, process changes due to service:

  • Additions

  • Cancellations

  • Allocation changes (sharing, relocations, etc.)

Invoice checking / reconciliation

Checking and processing of invoices from data vendors. This includes:

  • Bloomberg SID file uploads

  • Reuters E-billing

  • Other vendors

  • Check invoices against agreements

  • Manage invoice status (received, payable, needs clarification)

  • Cost allocation (invoiced costs)

Contract administration

Maintain all relevant contractual information in INFOmatch. This includes:

  • Periods and dates (expiry dates, notice periods, new agreements)

  • Prices, discounts and numbers (cancellations, additions)

  • Vendor contacts

  • Document management; scanned copy of original agreement

  • Having this information electronically available, the client is alerted on issues such as contract expiries and compliance issues (mismatch between contractual and used number of licenses).


Prepare and analyse budgets, with respect to the vendors and their products which are in the scope of the service. The service includes budget preparation (per department or per vendor), and tracking of realisation (costs) against budget via reports.

Compliance & Entitlements

Assist the client with information and reports to support:

  • Announced audits (pre-audit)

  • Audits in progress (audit)

  • Completed audits (post-audit)

General Ledger / Accounts Payable

Facilitate process to exchange information with general ledger system and / or Accounts Payable team.

Internal reports

This service is highly customizable. Based upon the business requirements, the service includes the processing of a set of reports to be distributed to internal recipients.

The service includes a large set of pre-defined reports, which may be extended with customised reports, upon the client’s requirements.


External reports

Processing of reports required by external parties, such as vendors and exchanges. This includes:

  • Reuters (E-)Data Access Declaration (DAD) forms

  • Compliance reports – vendors require detailed reports on the accessibility of their data via third party platforms

  • (Direct billing) Exchanges – for instance the Multiple Installation Single Access (MISU) report by NYSE

With INFOmatch Assist:

  • Your market data administration is in safe hands because it is handled by specialists who work efficiently and effectively

  • You realise continuity with respect to the market data admin process

  • You can focus on your core business

For more information on outsourcing your market data administration to market data experts, please contact us.