market data trainingScreen’s market data training courses are aimed at those who have particular interest or responsibilities for market data in all its forms. It offers you the opportunity to gain key understandings of all aspects of the market data industry and improve your knowledge of market data & market data management. The courses enable you to acquire relevant knowledge in a structured and rigorous format.

We have a standard set of training modules available. If required the training can be fully tailored to your specific needs. All our trainers are senior market data specialists with an extensive background and tons of experience in the market data industry. Training can either be provided in-house or at one of the Screen offices.

For arrangements, price information (fixed or per attendee) or additional information, please contact us.

In addition to our (tailored) market data training courses on request, we also host standard two-day training courses at Screen’s HQ in the Netherlands and at our Screen offices in Frankfurt, Milan and London. The 2017 dates are:

Save-the-dates: January 12,13 (HQ – NL) | February 9,10 (HQ – NL) | March 9,10 (Frankfurt) | April 13,14 (HQ – NL) | May 18,19 (HQ – NL) | June 22,23 (Frankfurt) | July 20,21 (London) | September 7,8 (HQ – NL) | September 13-14 (Milan) | October 5,6 (HQ – NL) | November 9,10 (Frankfurt) | December 7,8 (HQ – NL).

We are offering this two-day training course to our clients for only €785,- per candidate (non-clients pay €885,- & London rate is €1085,-).

Make sure not to miss this unique opportunity and secure your seat now by filling out the registration form here >>

The content of these courses, which will also prepare for the official FISD Professional Certification exam (optional), is outlined in below 4 modules.

  • The role of the financial markets; the trade lifecycle

  • The participants in the financial markets

  • The role of government, central banks and regulatory authorities

  • The primary business functions

  • The major classes of assets

Module 2: THE DATA
  • The sources of data; exchanges, IDB’s, vendors

  • The types of data

  • Delivery and display of data

  • The uses of data

  • The commercials of data

  • Market and reference data job functions

  • The technology basics & the terminology

  • Datafeeds

  • The data distribution

  • The desktops (e.g. terminals): workstations

  • The applications and associated technology

  • Development, implementation, management and support

  • Enterprise and reference data management

  • Market regulation and market structure

  • Automation in the financial markets

  • Enterprise Data Management

  • Commercial, contractual, economic and political

In addition, Screen offers access to the on-line FISD FIA preparation course from Finance Modules at the discounted price of £292,-, if taken in conjunction with Screen’s two-day course. Combined, there is no better way to prepare for the FIA exam. For more information on this offer, please contact us.