We are very excited to announce our two-day market data training courses at Screen’s HQ in the Netherlands and at our Screen offices in Frankfurt, Milan and London. The content of these courses will also prepare for the official FISD Certification exam (optional) and is outlined in 4 modules, which can be found at our dedicated market data training page.

The 2017 dates are: January 12,13 (HQ – NL) | February 9,10 (HQ – NL) | March 9,10 (Frankfurt) | April 13,14 (HQ – NL) | May 18,19 (HQ – NL) | June 22,23 (Frankfurt) | July 20,21 (London) | September 7,8 (HQ – NL) | September 13-14 (Milan) | October 5,6 (HQ – NL) | November 9,10 (Frankfurt) | December 7,8 (HQ – NL).

We are offering this two-day training course to our clients for only €785,- per candidate (non-clients pay €885,- & London rate is €1085,-).

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(*Please note: after submitting this registration form you will be asked to provide invoicing details. Upon request Screen can issue one invoice for a group of participants from the same firm. Invoices are to be settled prior to the course. When there are fewer than 6 participants for a particular course Screen reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course. If needed, you will be contacted well in advance with an alternative date or a refund as per your request.)