INFOmatch General Overview

INFOmatch is a leading cost optimisation market data management system because of easy navigation, handling and storage of historical data, and tremendous reporting facilities.

INFOmatch Entitlements Interface for Bloomberg EMRS

The INFOmatch Entitlements Interface for Bloomberg EMRS pulls user and application data profiles from EMRS’ inventory reports into INFOmatch. Your market data administration automatically matches with Bloomberg EMRS’ data profiles.

INFOmatch for Exchanges

INFOmatch has a proven track record at Exchanges as the solution to optimise their market data operational infrastructure. It will be the basis for billing, revenue reconciliations, contract roll-over warnings and turnover analysis.

INFOmatch Contract Interface for Bloomberg Data License

The INFOmatch Contract Interface for Bloomberg Data License uploads your Bloomberg Data License invoice-containing all data feeds, quantity, start & end date, list price and effective rate-into INFOmatch, hereby optimizing transparency, accuracy and oversight.

Index License Management

INFOmatch organises your index contracts, manages your invoicing and most importantly, is now your central repository for all your index inventory and costs.

Allocation Rules Module

Data vendors and exchanges prove to conduct differentiating contractual obligations, pricing policies, compliance procedures, reporting requirements and business strategy options associated with the internal and external redistribution of market data.

Market data compliance

INFOmatch enables firms to be fully compliant with their market data suppliers’ business rules, and it is the perfect tool to create transparency.

Reference Data

INFOmatch’s unique market data inventory features allow firms to easily calculate their reference data TCO, to manage contracts with any supplier, to fairly allocate the TCO to the end-users, cost centres and to create budgets and track realisation against budget.

INFOmatch Entitlements interface for Telekurs iD

The INFOmatch Entitlements interface for Telekurs iD is an interface to SIX Telekurs’ central permissioning system, and allows Telekurs iD customers to easily change the users’ data profiles according to their needs.

INFOmatch Entitlements interface for SunGard & Proquote

The INFOmatch Entitlements interface for SunGard & Proquote pulls user data profiles and usage statistics from SMART (SunGard’s & Proquote’s real-time market data permissioning system; for products such as MarketMap and Proquote Trader) into INFOmatch.

Budget Module

INFOmatch’s Budget Module allows you to easily create next years budget based on historical data cost. Using the various what-if options, the actual budget can be tailored at all levels in the organisation tree.

INFOmatch Active Directory interface

Your organisation changes continuously. People join, leave and move. INFOmatch incorporates useful functionality such as “drag and drop”, when manually controlling these events. In addition, it offers powerful interfacing facilities.

INFOmatch General Ledger Interface

To make sure all correct market data invoices and associated cost are processed in the company’s General Ledger system and to avoid double manual entry, INFOmatch offers the INFOmatch General Ledger Interface.

INFOmatch Telecom interfaces

The INFOmatch Telecom interfaces ensure you are in total control of your telecom administration. It allows for inventory tracking including mobile phones, contract management, invoice reconciliation and cost allocations.

INFOmatch Entitlements Interface for INET BFA

The INFOmatch Entitlements Interface for INET BFA pulls user data profiles from its inventory reports into INFOmatch. This fully supports INET BFA’s compliance rules and allows you to manage and optimise your INET BFA costs.

INFOmatch Assist

Our specialists manage any element related to the administration of market data, including invoice reconciliation, cost allocations as well as internal and external reporting (MISU reports, Data Access Declarations).