INFOmatch trainingStay Ahead of the Game!

The INFOmatch training program is designed to make sure INFOmatch users will experience the full benefits of using the leading cost & contract management application. We have developed programs for newcomers as well as more advanced INFOmatch users. All training courses are aimed at improving your skills working with INFOmatch.

We have a standard set of training modules available. If required the training can be fully tailored to your specific needs. All our trainers are INFOmatch specialists with an extensive background and tons of experience with INFOmatch. Training can either be provided in-house or at one of the Screen offices. Users will receive an official INFOmatch training certificate once they have successfully completed a course.

Find below an example of a two day basic training course and a 1 day reporting training course.

For arrangements, price information (fixed or per attendee) or additional information, please contact us.

INFOmatch basic training – 2 days
  • Explanation about the historical database structure

  • – Date fields

  • Adding and maintaining base data in the database

  • – Contract types / cost centres / currencies / expense codes / job titles / organisation types / organisation entities / product types

  • Organisation module

  • – Add a new position
    – Move / copy / complete positions
    – Temporary unused services (TUS)
    – Advanced find

  • Vendor module

  • – Add vendors / products / price bands
    – Ruling

  • Exchange module

  • – Add exchange / exchange fee
    – Link exchange fee to vendor

  • Contract module

  • – Add Contracts / components
    – Create direct billing contracts

  • Invoice module

  • – Process invoices
    – Invoice reconciliation
    – Invoice analysis

  • Allocating

  • – Add allocations in the organisation module / contract module / TUS
    – Add bulk allocations
    – Move / copy / complete allocations
    – Create allocation shares
    – Allocation profiles

  • Product groups & allocation groups

  • User defined queries & reporting

  • – Run a pre-defined query / report
    – Direct reports

  • Administrator tasks

  • – Manage users / user profiles / authorisations
    – Manage user defined fields

  • Undo previous actions

  • Scheduled tasks

  • Interfaces

  • Best practice

Reporting training – 1 day

INFOmatch Basic Training knowledge required
The Reporting training is specially designed to familiarise the user with reporting capabilities of INFOmatch. The objective is to learn all detailed functions related to creating user defined queries and reports.