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Market data businessAt many of our clients in the market data industry INFOmatch is widely deployed in the organisation. It supports many departments and multiple market data business functions, at different locations all over the world, in doing their daily jobs. To give a better insight on how and where INFOmatch could help you with your day to day challenges, find below a selection of typical issues / questions per typical business function.

Issues per market data business function

Market data administrator
  • A Bloomberg invoice comes in that needs to be checked, reconciled, allocated to end users and processed for payment and sent to Accounts Payable
  • A vendor invoice is inaccurate
  • A contract is expiring
  • A vendor is chasing you for payment
  • An end user wants to know his/her cost
  • The market data analyst is requesting an Eikon for a joiner
  • A trader leaves the firm
  • A user in the Research team is moving to Equity sales
  • How can I create easily a new user with a standard service setup?
  • How do I maintain a business line catalogue?
  • A range of exchanges are increasing their pricing for next year – what is the impact for our firm?
  • A received credit invoice from Markit
  • If a user gets access to a Thomson Reuters desktop product, he/she should be paying part of the RMDS infrastructure
  • I have to produce an invoice analysis report for our Markit services
Market data analyst
  • You have to prepare a vendor cost overview of Thomson Reuters for Procurement because of upcoming new contract negotiations
  • You have to start an analysis of how the derivatives team can reduce their market data spend
  • You get a request for a new service from the FX team
  • Bloomberg is sending you a letter with price increases for the BLB desktop and your manager is asking you what impact this will have for next year’s budget
  • The global CIO wants to know where the big spenders are in the Organisation
  • You want to create a scenario to save costs for the next year’s budget
  • Deutsche Borse announces an on-site audit
  • A user cancels a service
  • A desk head does not agree with the costs that are allocated to his team because he did not authorise access to a certain service for his team
Market data manager
  • The global head of sales wants to know why his team is spending so much money on market data
  • The global CFO is asking you how the bank can save 15% on market data spend
  • The costs of Bloomberg data license are exploding, why?
  • In which applications are we using index data from MSCI?
  • Which market data applications are consuming which data from which vendor?
  • How do I explain to a very demanding user that his request for a new service is absurd?
  • What are we spending on the various spend categories such as exchange fees, desktop products, data feeds, etc?
  • Do we apply MISU to ensure we are not paying too much?
  • How have our costs evolved this year on a month by month basis?
  • Who have been the users of Bloomberg SID number xyz?
  • Which information services are currently in the spare license inventory?
End user / trader
  • What are my costs?
  • What are my colleagues spending and where do I sit within the team?
  • I want to order an access to the CME
  • I have a question for the market data team about FactSet
  • Do I have a market data budget left for next year?
  • I just had a demo from DataStream and I want to know how I can get access to his service
Desk head
  • What is the spend in my team?
  • How have the costs evolved since the beginning of the year?
  • Which is the most expensive user in my team?
  • A new trader is requesting access to a Bloomberg
  • Do I have any unused services in my team that are billed to my cost center?
  • Who uses Thomson Reuters dealing and what are the costs?
Procurement / sourcing specialist
  • You want to know which contracts are up for renewal in the next 3 months
  • Who is using a specific specialist service such as CQG, who recently announced a price increase of 10%?
  • What alternatives does the firm have for Thomson one?
  • What is a fair price we should be paying for an Eikon; you feel you are being overcharged?
  • A broker firm, ICAP, wants to audit the use of their data
  • How can I have a standard contract sheet that shows me the basics that we have committed to, f.i. such as CRISP?
Global CIO
  • Are my FX traders in London spending more on market data than in New York?
  • I want to see the cost evolution since January this year
  • What should I budget for market data for next year?
  • What is the financial impact in market data if we close the structured products team activity?
  • My peer at Deutsche bank told me that they are spending more than 50% of their market data budget on Bloomberg; considering that they will increase their prices with 5%, he is worried about next year’s budget. What is our position?
Global CFO
Head of IT
  • Is our DACS setup aligned with the Thomson Reuters invoicing?
  • Are all our Sophis users that consume real time market data declared to Misys?
  • What are the costs of our RMDS infrastructure?
  • What % of our market data spend is related to technology components?
Compliance officer
  • Our CFO is worried about our market data compliance. He wants to know where we are at risk when we get audited
  • We will be audited by NYSE and we have to send them an overview of current users
  • What are the standard contractual terms for Markit?
Business manager

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“Our organisation requires full transparency with respect to market data costs and budgets. With INFOmatch we have been able to achieve this. The reporting facilities are tremendous.”

Market data manager

“After spending years managing market data contracts & subscriptions via excel I cannot stress enough how valuable INFOmatch now is to our organisation. The key benefits for us are contract expiry notifications and budget forecasting.”

Market data administrator

"INFOmatch creates total transparency with respect to our data accesses, associated cost and suppliers’ business rules. It secures compliance with all of our market data vendor and exchange agreements."

Compliance officer

"Screen has a lot of experience in the market data industry and proven success in providing the added value we are looking for. We are confident INFOmatch can represent a real springboard for the next step up."

Global COO

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Global CIO

"Without a doubt, Screen has the most experience in solving cost & inventory optimising challenges in the market data industry, and INFOmatch has the added advantage of proven success in interfacing with vendor systems, which we already had in place ..."

Market data manager

"It's evident that choosing INFOmatch was the right decision. We are seeing a wealth of benefits. It seems that a combination of high-tech expertise, innovation and intelligent processes can achieve much more than just cost reduction. We are also creating value and strengthening our competitiveness."

Global procurement manager

“INFOmatch's intelligence proves that it is developed by true market data specialists.”

Market data analyst

“I prefer the speed and navigation of INFOmatch. People who aren't market data specialists can use it”

Head of IT