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Market data spendBeyond the traditional market data spend, INFOmatch is also being used for tracking other types of data, licenses and contracts. Our clients use INFOmatch as a ‘golden source‘ to have a better grip on procurement, cost, allocations and data management in general. Again, the driving forces to do this are transparency, control and compliance.

Besides market data spend, find below also a selection of other spend categories, which can be tracked and managed with INFOmatch:

Selection of other spend categories

Market data

Terminal products, streaming news feeds, stock exchange fees.

Reference data

End-of-day file deliveries, historical batch files, on-demand services.

Index licenses

Usage terms & conditions, departmental licenses, assets under management.

Index license management

Data feeds & Applications

Per-security licenses, departmental restrictions, multiple pricing schemes.

Custodial & Broker fees

Business terms & conditions, objects of services, special pricing schemes.

Connectivity & Infrastructure

Data distribution platforms, IT communication charges, hosting, outsourcing contracts.


Contents of contracts, stacked royalty agreements, conditional service provision.

Software licenses

All software licenses your firm is purchasing.

Enterprise-wide Subscriptions & Publications

Magazines, website subscriptions, research publications, etc.


Data communication costs, in-house or outsourced, proximity hosting.


Basically, INFOmatch can track any type of cost / contract. Examples include IT, insurance and rental costs.

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“Our organisation requires full transparency with respect to market data costs and budgets. With INFOmatch we have been able to achieve this. The reporting facilities are tremendous.”

Market data manager

“After spending years managing market data contracts & subscriptions via excel I cannot stress enough how valuable INFOmatch now is to our organisation. The key benefits for us are contract expiry notifications and budget forecasting.”

Market data administrator

"INFOmatch creates total transparency with respect to our data accesses, associated cost and suppliers’ business rules. It secures compliance with all of our market data vendor and exchange agreements."

Compliance officer

"Screen has a lot of experience in the market data industry and proven success in providing the added value we are looking for. We are confident INFOmatch can represent a real springboard for the next step up."

Global COO

"We selected INFOmatch because it offers benefits in terms of optimising our inventory levels and reducing cost. It strengthens our market position."

Global CIO

"Without a doubt, Screen has the most experience in solving cost & inventory optimising challenges in the market data industry, and INFOmatch has the added advantage of proven success in interfacing with vendor systems, which we already had in place ..."

Market data manager

"It's evident that choosing INFOmatch was the right decision. We are seeing a wealth of benefits. It seems that a combination of high-tech expertise, innovation and intelligent processes can achieve much more than just cost reduction. We are also creating value and strengthening our competitiveness."

Global procurement manager

“INFOmatch's intelligence proves that it is developed by true market data specialists.”

Market data analyst

“I prefer the speed and navigation of INFOmatch. People who aren't market data specialists can use it”

Head of IT