Migrating to INFOmatch

Migrating to INFOmatchScreen INFOmatch is recognised as a world leading market data management company and is known for its market expertise & services, innovative products, advanced technology and quick response to customer requests.

The company is growing fast and expanding globally. Research shows that INFOmatch has gained the most customers in the industry in the last few years. Customers have migrated to INFOmatch after trying other market data inventory systems (legacy ‘accounting designed’ platforms), from in-house solutions or from Excel spreadsheets based solutions.

Frustrated with your current system? Do you believe that working with the right partner will provide you better functionality, service & support that will enable you to be more successful in delivering value to your firm? Then you should consider migrating to INFOmatch – the analytical experience!

Why customers migrated to INFOmatch?

Some reasons:

  • Intuitive user experience without the complexities associated with other systems
  • Superior functionality & flexibility for contract, inventory, invoice, expense & budget management
  • Exceptional and intuitive analytics & drill down reporting
  • Unrivalled Bloomberg, and other vendor, management features (e.g. reconcile 100+ Bloomberg invoices a day, including prorated invoices and broken dates)
  • No month end closing required to capture historical data, but instant access to all historical data, for every day without the limitation in legacy ‘accounting designed’ systems of only having access to month end reports
  • Creation of user defined fields (UDFs) throughout the system wherever they may be required, without misusing ‘empty fields’ in the database
  • Global presence with an excellent reputation for local support with robust value added services offerings
  • An advanced technology platform (single tenancy) with an overall security rating of A+
  • Full commitment to and focus on the market data management industry

Ready to move to INFOmatch but concerned about migrating from a legacy ‘accounting designed’ platform?

No need! Migrating to INFOmatch couldn’t be easier. Our experienced project & implementation managers have already successfully migrated 100+ organisations to INFOmatch. Thanks to our proprietary set of (automated) migration tools our team has the expertise migrating from all other inventory systems with maximum results and minimum efforts. Welcome to the new world – the analytical experience!

We from Screen INFOmatch are proud

  • of our 96% customer retention rate
  • that 92% of our customer base is satisfied and actively recommending INFOmatch to others
  • of our loyalty Net Promoter Score of 37
  • that 30% of the world’s strongest banks use INFOmatch to optimise and manage their data environments (source: Bloomberg)

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“Our organisation requires full transparency with respect to market data costs and budgets. With INFOmatch we have been able to achieve this. The reporting facilities are tremendous.”

Market data manager

“After spending years managing market data contracts & subscriptions via excel I cannot stress enough how valuable INFOmatch now is to our organisation. The key benefits for us are contract expiry notifications and budget forecasting.”

Market data administrator

"INFOmatch creates total transparency with respect to our data accesses, associated cost and suppliers’ business rules. It secures compliance with all of our market data vendor and exchange agreements."

Compliance officer

"Screen has a lot of experience in the market data industry and proven success in providing the added value we are looking for. We are confident INFOmatch can represent a real springboard for the next step up."

Global COO

"We selected INFOmatch because it offers benefits in terms of optimising our inventory levels and reducing cost. It strengthens our market position."

Global CIO

"Without a doubt, Screen has the most experience in solving cost & inventory optimising challenges in the market data industry, and INFOmatch has the added advantage of proven success in interfacing with vendor systems, which we already had in place ..."

Market data manager

"It's evident that choosing INFOmatch was the right decision. We are seeing a wealth of benefits. It seems that a combination of high-tech expertise, innovation and intelligent processes can achieve much more than just cost reduction. We are also creating value and strengthening our competitiveness."

Global procurement manager

“INFOmatch's intelligence proves that it is developed by true market data specialists.”

Market data analyst

“I prefer the speed and navigation of INFOmatch. People who aren't market data specialists can use it”

Head of IT