Market Data Management

Market data managementINFOmatch is a leading market data management software solution. Globally, it assists market data business professionals manage their market data costs, processes and workflows more efficiently.

INFOmatch provides you with a market data management dashboard and provides global spend analysis, market data cost allocation, market data contract administration, vendor invoice reconciliation, market data reporting and permissioning, including historical storage of all data.

It provides all required functionality, easy and simply organised in building blocks which are logically linked. The core system can be enhanced with a suite of interfaces to minimise manual work and maximise simple and fast data processing.

Being fully scalable, INFOmatch creates total transparency, ensures ultimate control, guarantees significant cost and time savings (by up to 90%) and reduces risk. It makes sure you are fully compliant with exchange and vendor policies and it simplifies daily market data management.

Designed for market & reference data stakeholders, procurement, IT, finance and business users, INFOmatch is an innovative reporting and analytical system because of easy navigation, handling and storage of historical data, and tremendous reporting facilities.

INFOmatch is designed by market data specialists, who have more than 25 years of international experience in the market data industry, based on more than 750 successfully market data projects internationally. Together with our partners we provide market data services built around INFOmatch that help you stay in control of your spend.

INFOmatch is a software-as-a-service solution, but it can also be made available as a local deployment or as part of a fully managed service.

Why market data management?

Market (& reference) data is information that is essential for traders, investors and all supporting staff in order to be informed about relevant market developments in the global economy.

For consumers of market data, which are primarily the financial institutions and industry utilities serving the capital markets realm, the complexity of managing market data rose with the increase in the number of issued securities and the globalisation of capital markets.

Beyond the rising volume of data, the continuing evolution of complex derivatives and indices, along with new regulations designed to contain risk and protect markets and investors, all created more operational demands on market data management.

With the offering of INFOmatch, a suite of market data management software solutions, we support any supplier and consumer of market data in managing this ever-increasing sophistication and complexity of market data.

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