Budgeting & analysis

Budgeting analysisBudgeting can be a time-consuming and frustrating activity. Do you recognise encountering time pressure and difficulty in delivering your next period’s budgets, which also include market data providers’ price increases?

The INFOmatch budget module streamlines this process. Simply calculate your next period’s market data budgets which automatically take price increases into account and compare ‘what-if’ scenarios at a glance.

INFOmatch allows you to easily create next period’s budgets based on historical market data costs. Using the various what-if options, the actual budget can be tailored at all levels in the market data organisation tree. Changes are implemented with just a few mouse clicks and allow you to make repeated changes easily and effortlessly.

The budget module is an easy-to-navigate tool, seamlessly integrated in INFOmatch. Forecasting future expenditures and tracking variances between accrued cost and budget YTD has never been easier.

With INFOmatch budgeting, you are and you stay in complete control.

Free Fact Sheet

Free Fact Sheet