Contract management

Contract managementAre you spending too much time pouring over market data contracts from providers to look up current prices, expiry & renewal dates, rules and terms & conditions?

INFOmatch excels in tracking market data contracts (exchange agreement, vendor agreement, etc.). It has a full function procurement environment, which allows you to track any type of contract.

In addition to tracking exchange contracts or a vendor contract, the system handles agreements containing any type of market data spend component, such as software licenses, hardware maintenance, lease and external resources.

Contracts are the central element in INFOmatch; a contract is the one and only evidence for paying vendor invoices; the contract’s components are allocated to the users; contractual cost are the basis for calculating budgets.

Build contract hierarchy, with master and sub agreements and add addenda and non-disclosure agreements.

Use the document management facilities, which allow you to create hyperlinks to the scanned hardcopy agreements. Activate the full-automatic e-mail notification to contract owners when contracts are about to expire.

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