Cost allocating

Cost allocatingINFOmatch allows you creating a maximum level of business transparency and accountability. With INFOmatch you can centrally monitor and track market data costs for each of your offices globally, both on an actual and historical basis.

The system actually tracks contractual market data costs as well as “real” costs, according to the market data invoices. In addition, with a few mouse clicks you define budgets per cost center or per department and have them automatically broken down into individual, personalised budgets per user. You can then track real market data costs against budget.

Cost data can be aggregated to any level, e.g. ranging from the most detailed level (i.e. cost per product, per product group, per vendor, per user, per month) to the highest level (i.e. cost per vendor). This can be done for any database entity (organisation, vendor, contract, etc.)

The system also supports the creation of standard trader profiles per business category, i.e. a FX Trader requires access to a real-time data platform and a FX trading platform.

You can easily track market data optimisation opportunities by running reports on multiple exchange accesses per single user (MISU reporting) or on unused data accesses.

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