Demand management

INFOmatch Enterprise Control is the synchronisation of business control with demand management – event & process driven. It facilitates the whole demand management process – involving end users, market & reference data management and business management via one platform.

INFOmatch Enterprise Control incorporates powerful features, including dashboards, drill down reporting (slice & dice data), motion charts, heatmaps, self-certification, order management, and more.

Key benefits

  • Improves decision making based on accurate cost information
  • Improves production value
  • Improves agility and reduces risk
  • Increases profitability

Web analytics

Dashboards, heatmaps and dril down reporting (slice & dice data)

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Forces end users to critically deal with the market data products & services they use

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Order management

Allow end users to directly order market data products and services

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“We have more than 500 employees (mainly end users and COO/business managers) benefiting from INFOmatch Enterprise Control. This demand management tool significantly improves transparency, increases profitability and enhances customer care, delivery speed & reliability.”

Market Data Analyst

Web analytics

Dashboards & Heatmaps

Dashboards give you instant access to the key performance drivers, pre-defined indicators and real-time web analytics you need to steer your business to success. They visualise your current market data environment and its changes (over any given time period) at a single glance. The dashboard is designed in such a way that you can drill down on any item to get a better understanding of any change (e.g. more terminals, increase in price, etc). Powerful heatmaps indicate inefficiencies by analysing average cost per user versus your internal benchmark.

Drill Down Reporting (slice & dice data)

Drill Down Reporting offers access to your business reports and provides a rich set of (historical) data analysis and reporting features. It guarantees the highest levels of reporting flexibility and supports anyone in your organisation having an interest in market data, ranging from the end-user, to the market data analyst and the business manager. Data can be aggregated to any level, e.g. drilling down from the highest level (i.e. cost per vendor) to the most detailed level (i.e. cost per product, per user, per month).

Key benefits:

  • Easily monitor key performance drivers, such as profit, cost, data usage, inventory, etc
  • Quickly spot potential business problems
  • Easy-to-use data visualisation tools to help you identifying trends
  • Everyone within your organisation receiving exactly the information they need for their roles
  • Drill-down capabilities let you dig into underlying data and leverage powerful analytics tool
  • Improved transparency & significant cost savings

Enterprise Control Web Analytics


Self-Certification forces end-users to critically deal with the market data products and services they use to do their job. The Self-Certification functionality in INFOmatch obliges end-users to approve their own profile. End-users are shown the market data products and services they use together with associated cost for which they can expect to be charged. Their market data spend is compared to that of the cost center average. From there, end-users have the possibility to request the cancellation of (too) expensive or unused products and services. Self-Certification makes end users more responsible and in the end more cost-conscious.

Key benefits:

  • Easily approve and authorise end user profiles
  • Directly cancel and reallocate market data products & services
  • More cost-conscious end users & improved end user responsibility
  • Direct mail & chat functionality with end users

Enterprise Control Self-Certification

Order management

The Order Management functionality in INFOmatch enables end users to directly order market data products and services through an integrated product catalog in INFOmatch. The flexible approval process allows heads of desks and cost-center managers to monitor costs, approve purchases, and determine which types of purchases are routed to whom for approval. In addition, it permits checking ordered products and services against defined profiles per desk & department.

At any stage of the ordering process, end users are able to track the status of their requests online in real time. The open (free text) request and chat functionality connects data consumers directly with the firm’s market data team and serves as a centralised audit trail of communications about data subjects, rather than in a series of fragmented emails.

Due to its flexibility and scalability, INFOmatch’s Order Management module is suited for organisations of all sizes. It enhances transparency, customer care and end user responsibility, and in the end dramatically reduces the time to process orders.

Key benefits:

  • End user can directly order services through an integrated product catalog
  • Flexible approval routing process
  • View existing services per user / desk / department
  • Ability to check ordered products against defined profiles
  • End user can track their order status online
  • MDS team is provided with a total overview of all requests
  • Open (free text) request and chat functionality
  • Improved customer care, delivery speed & reliability

Enterprise Control Order Management

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