Index license management

Index providersTracking and managing index licenses is typically a manual task involving tedious searches through spreadsheets and paper records. Often records are incomplete or unclear as to whether you are permitted to use the data already (because you already subscribe to it under a different agreement) and what terms and conditions are being applied to use. You need to be able to respond quickly to your users, yet you don’t want to pay for services you already have.

Managing index providers, and thus index licensing, is one of the last manual processes in market data, imposing significant costs in time, overpayments and penalties. The data needs to be categorised; cross referenced and housed somewhere where it is searchable and easily accessible by those who need it.

Until now there has been little control of how the data is tracked, used and distributed. INFOmatch acts as a central repository for all your index provider inventory and costs. Smoothly manage your index providers’ contracts and invoices with the detail and granularity needed, without tedious searches through incomplete or unclear spreadsheets and paper records.

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