Inventory tracking

Inventory trackingMarket data inventory management
has never been easier. INFOmatch creates full transparency with respect to which market data products and services are being used where in your organisation, and against which costs.

The tree view in INFOmatch gives a quick and complete global overview of your user community, including the systems, licenses and market data accesses in use, all together with associated market data cost. Users, products and services can be moved around by simply dragging and dropping them to their new location.

MAC (Moves, Additions and Cancellations) management as efficient and effective as it should be. Managing changes in the organisation, such as entering joiners and deleting leavers, can be automated by synchronising INFOmatch’s HR data with HR systems from Microsoft, SAP, PeopleSoft and other.

Automatic management of user profiles is realised through tools such as INFOmatch’s Entitlements interfaces and Invoice Reconciliation interfaces.

Inventory cost management is not only limited to market data inventory management; in fact any cost component can be allocated and tracked. Our clients use INFOmatch as a ‘golden source‘ to have a better grip on procurement, cost, allocations and data management in general.

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