Market data compliance

Market data complianceToday, market and reference data are used much more widely in (financial) institutions compared to only a decade ago. Whether it is in internal display applications such as trade reconciliation systems, or in non display applications such as programmatic trading, it seems to be everywhere. Not surprisingly, the sources of the data have come to realise this as well.

Stock exchanges, vendors and broker/dealers want to protect their intellectual property rights as well as their revenues.

On the other hand, distribution, control, reporting of market data entitlements and usage has become a real challenge for financial institutions in a world where staffing levels in market data management departments have only gone down. With the number of market data compliance audits having increased dramatically in recent years, and substantial back bills as a result, many market data managers realise it is time to act.

Are you lacking full knowledge of internal / external data redistribution, market data access permissions, contractual obligations, pricing policies, market data compliance procedures or reporting requirements?

INFOmatch is the perfect tool to create total transparency with respect to data accesses, associated market data cost and market data providers’ business rules. It prevents overcharging, under-reporting, unauthorised data redistribution and back charges:

  • Produce timely and accurate permissioning and entitlements reports to vendors and exchanges
  • Avoid being exposed to the risk of back charges and law suits by having the correct permissioning data stored (not archived) in a central database, including all history
  • Easily map the accesses per market data product / service with INFOmatch’s powerful inventory management features
  • Create full transparency with respect to the market data accesses and the associated cost (both to the internal organisation and to third parties)
  • Track separate entitlements and generate reports that identify which or how many users are entitled for specific data providers’ market data
  • Save money by making the vendor (i.e. Reuters e-DAD) and exchange (i.e. NYSE MISU) reporting far more efficient
  • Identify each entitlement transaction (additions or deletions) by having access to an audit trail
  • Secure compliance with your market data vendor and exchange agreements
  • Identify optimisation opportunities

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