Market data benchmarking

Market data benchmarking“To manage your cost, you need to know your cost…and the cost of your peers”. Screen is the first and only company to offer a market data benchmarking solution which allows firms to compare their market data costs to industry standards. Screen provides full transparency in market data over- and under spending, including market data cost optimisation opportunities.

Screen helps gaining insight in the position of your organisation, compared to your peers in the market data industry in terms of market data products in use, cost, contractual agreements, services and your market data organisation. In addition, you will get firm recommendations from our market data specialists outlining the actions which will lead to improvement.

Subscribing to the service, allows you to perform benchmark analysis whenever you want, having continuous access to an updated database.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce uncertainty with respect to market data expenditure levels
  • Compare market data cost with your industry peers
  • Compare contractual conditions
  • Compare user service profiles

Market data benchmarking is a service for firms of any size using financial market data and information systems. Organisations typically spend huge amounts on market data in order to support investment decisions. Market data benchmarking helps in learning about the industry’s best practises.

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