Market data optimisation

Market data optimisationSince 1990, Screen has provided vendor independent market data project management services for organisations with market data budget responsibilities of any size. INFOmatch was developed by transforming the international market data expertise into a system which is now recognised as the leading market data inventory tool.

Screen has conducted market data reviews for more than 750 leading financial firms and has attained a 100% track record in achieving significant market data cost savings whilst maintaining user satisfaction!

The type of market data projects we provide range from ‘quick scans‘ and ‘health checks‘ to ensure client cost are ‘in sync’ with the industry benchmark, to global market data optimisation projects which have achieved between 5% and 25% cost savings within the first year. Screen’s global market data sourcing program optimises the mix of market data services across an organisation, without compromising business’ effectiveness.

Screen’s approach is very much focused on optimising demand management (usage versus alternative analysis) and optimising administrative management (billing, inventory mismatch, and compliance). We have been able to service our clients successfully, going far beyond just removing unused exchanges and services by relying more on data content and vendor expertise, tools, procedures and industry benchmarks to qualify which market data services are appropriate and necessary on a user by user basis.

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