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Peter Fruitema

Managing Director

Peter Fruitema

Peter Fruitema (1963) started his career, after graduating from the HEAO Business School (Marketing), at ABN Bank where he participated in the management traineeship. This traineeship gave insight in the major banking operations, with a special focus on securities trading and private banking.

At Datastream International, he was appointed Sales Executive for the Benelux; he familiarised himself with market data, market data delivery, contents, end user requirements and vendor strategies. It was during this period Peter met his current partners at Screen.

After a successful period at Datastream he started to work for Stockdata as an agent, selling their real-time quote system to professionals in the Benelux. Once Stockdata was sold to Elsevier (a Dutch Publisher), he started Screen with Kees Brooimans and John Verberkt.

Screen started in 1990, and today employs close to 40 people in various countries, and has 3 major business lines: Screen Consultants, Screen INFOmatch (market data expense management) and Screen Markets.

Kees Brooimans

Managing Director

Kees Brooimans

Kees is one of the founding Partners of the Screen Group, a provider of boutique software and advisory services for the financial services industry. Prior to Screen, he worked 4 years as a Derivatives trader at F. van Lanschot Bankiers, a Dutch Investment Bank, and 5 years for Thomson Reuters.

In both positions he has worked for many Financial services firms (buy and sell side) throughout Europe and has had the opportunity to build knowledge about the use of market information and technology within the industry. This experience has resulted in the foundation of Screen in 1990. “Throughout this period many companies have come and gone in our industry, both on the producer (vendors and exchanges) and consumer (banks, asset managers, brokers…) side. Despite these turbulent times, Screen has always been persistent, focused and committed to provide a first class service to their clients. This is fundamental to Screen’s company philosophy and the people that work for Screen embrace this in their day to day work for their clients”.

Kees’ personal contribution to the company comes from the knowledge he has built in terms of market & reference data, industry benchmarking, cost savings programmes, sourcing support and building market data organisations within an international context.

“Screen is not a company that services everyone, but if you believe in our values, we are there to service you”.

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  • Reliable strategic partner
  • Proven track record
  • Industry focus & knowledge
  • Global presence & references
  • Guaranteed pay off & ROI

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