INFOmatch and the Exchange Guide ensure market data compliance

AMSTERDAM and SAN FRANCISCO, December 14, 2012 – Screen INFOmatch’s representative on the US West Coast, Mentem Partners, has signed a deal with London-based Spearhead and Partners, which re-sells Screen’s cost optimization market data inventory system in the UK, to act as a US sales representative for The Exchange Guide database of exchange data licensing policies.

Mentem chief executive Kevin Lowther says: “Market data compliance and exchange compliance is an area that will continue to see a lot of activity. For compliance and reporting, firms need to know what the rules are. So The Exchange Guide provides a single portal for accessing the policies of more than 100 different exchanges… (covering) current policies, the latest changes, upcoming changes, and how firms should report usage. It will help firms be far more compliant with exchanges’ data usage rules, and puts them in a stronger position when dealing with exchange auditors.”

The Exchange Guide offers synergies with Screen’s INFOmatch market data cost management tool. “With The Exchange Guide, you can populate business rules into INFOmatch…. Because exchanges change their rules regularly, there is a lot to keep on top of, so that capability can be very valuable,” Lowther adds.

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(article as published in Inside Market Data on December 14, 2012)

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