Euronext Taps INFOmatch for Reporting, Billing Platform

AMSTERDAM, April 23, 2015 – European exchange group Euronext has rolled out the INFOmatch data costs and inventory management platform to support its customer billing and reporting activities. The rollout of the platform—the core INFOmatch platform with additional features geared towards exchanges, delivered as a hosted solution from Screen’s datacenter—began in November, and involved transferring between six and seven terabytes of historical and current information from the old platform to INFOmatch, before going live on March 1, says Screen chief executive Peter Fruitema.

“We looked at a range of companies, and we selected INFOmatch because it did everything we wanted it to do, but also had lots of enhancements in terms of formatting, accessing and presenting data,” says Michael Hodgson, head of information services at Euronext. “The capabilities it has in terms of data analysis may make it easier for us to make policy changes, and analyze the impact of policy changes. We didn’t have the capability to do that in the old system.”

In addition, Screen built custom interfaces for the exchange to handle reports in the VRXML (Vendor Reporting eXtensible Markup Language) protocol used by Euronext, and a billing workflow for the exchange to upload files to its own systems or send them to clients, Hodgson says.

“Since we went live, 90 percent of our customers have already reported to us once, and we’ve processed more than 600 market data reports with very few errors. And we think we’ll be able to gain additional benefits and leverage the system more going forward,” he says, such as using some of INFOmatch’s existing automated controls and workflows to automate parts of Euronext’s market data administration functions.

In addition, Euronext could leverage other INFOmatch functionality in future to create a client-facing portal where customers can view information about their account and data usage, Fruitema says. “In last year’s release of INFOmatch, we introduced Enterprise Control—a portal for end-users—and I can imagine any exchange would want such a portal to use for that, and to post messages and information about any issues,” he says.

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(article as published in Inside Market Data on April 23, 2015)

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