Screen announces new hires for regional growth

AMSTERDAM, July 14, 2011 – Screen, a leading market data and investment management solutions and consultancy company, has hired Nadia Galpin, Mehdi Kaci and Antonio Bianchi.

Based in Paris, Nadia Galpin is appointed market data consultant working for Screen France SAS. Galpin has great experience in the market data and consultancy business. She most recently served as Market Data analyst at Oddo & Cie (Investment banking & Capital management).

Mehdi Kaci, also based in Paris, will be working as service support executive for Screen’s in-house developed and supported market data inventory management software, INFOmatch. This innovative cost & contract management system is being used by firms in the investment management, banking, energy and commodity business around the globe. It supports business critical processes, such as: user based cost allocation, (market & reference data) inventory tracking, contract management, invoice forecasting and automatic reconciliation, budgeting, permissioning & entitlements and business & vendor reporting. INFOmatch creates transparency, both to the internal organisation and to third parties. The software enables firms to be fully compliant with their market data suppliers’ business rules by making sure they are not exposed to the risk of underpayments and fines as a result of audits by having the correct permissioning data stored in a central database, including all history.

Prior to joining Screen, Kaci already used to be working with INFOmatch on a daily basis in his role as market data administrator at AXA Investment Managers, an INFOmatch customer based in Paris.

Hugues Ravailler, Director Screen France SAS, says: “A significant increase in demand for professional market data management and a growing INFOmatch sales pipeline is the key driver of our regional growth. Both Nadia Galpin and Mehdi Kaci have skills and capabilities to understand the main challenges and business processes of corporate & financial institutions. This combination makes them the ideal persons to grow our company to a higher plan and to bring added value to our clients.”

Elsewhere, Screen has hired Antonio Bianchi as senior consultant for its Screen Consultants SA business in Switzerland and Italy. Bianchi was previously working in the Risk and Control Unit and IT Solutions for Capital Market Division at BSI Bank. Michel Magnin, Director Screen Consultants SA, says: “The hire of Antonio Bianchi is part of our national and international expansion strategy. He is really familiar with the Swiss & Italian market and has an excellent record in professionally managing market data. Both qualifications are a must to succeed in this market. We are delighted to have Antonio on board.”

The hire of Nadia Galpin, Mehdi Kaci and Antonio Bianchi follows recent announcements of further international expansions. Screen has offices in Amsterdam, Stockholm, London, Frankfurt, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Lugano, Sydney, Quebec, Tunis and Tokyo.

About Screen

The Screen Group offers a range of specialised services and solutions for the professional financial services industry.

At the foundation of the company Screen built a unique consultancy practice that has made Screen the global leader for market and reference data advisory services. Through benchmarking, user profiling and requirements inventory Screen assists user firms in optimising their market data spend, as well as in researching, selecting and implementing software applications and solutions.

To inform the Financial Services Industry of new vendors and industry trends, Screen has been organising one day trade shows, Screen Events, for the last 18 years.

The offering is completed with a range of in-house developed and supported software solutions, the INFOmatch suite, which allows user firms to manage market data spend, create cost transparency and reduce redundant services.

The labels that represent this unique suite of complementary services are Screen Consultants, Screen Markets and Screen INFOmatch.

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