DART – Bloomberg Terminal Optimisation

Rationalise your firm’s use of premium market data services, such as Bloomberg terminals, with comprehensive reporting into usage of market data subscriptions.

DART for Bloomberg

DART for Bloomberg is set of tools and services to track market data usage across your organisation, optimising your spend on your Bloomberg Professional terminal subscriptions. DART provides a complete picture of terminal usage to help clients better manage their terminal counts and expense.

Bloomberg terminal usage

DART for Bloomberg accurately identifies:

  • Unused subscriptions – a subscription that is not in use will be a potential candidate for removal
  • Underused subscriptions – a subscription that is only used for a limited number of days is a potential candidate for sharing, removal, or moving to a more cost-effective platform
  • Underutilised subscriptions – basic or advanced usage is identified to determine the type of Bloomberg functionality that is being utilised. This enables identification of potential candidates for removal or moving to a more cost-effective platform

DART monitors the many facets of Bloomberg usage including pages viewed, Excel usage (DDE / RTD), trading functions, contributor pricing, news, non-business content and Launchpad ticker lists. DART’s reporting groups usage by type, licensable exchange and third party service, and provides drill-down to individual page codes and ticker symbols. Bloomberg’s Mail and Chat functions are also fully tracked.

Advanced usage reporting & analytics

As a standard part of the DART service, the DART PORTAL is an intuitive and powerful web-based business intelligence interface that provides high-level key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards and extensive drilldown functionality to the granular data.

The portal is highly customisable to support individual reporting and analysis requirements. Usage data includes full period-on-period trend analysis to easily visualise and assess usage over time. Value Added Reports provide insight into how terminals are being used, including user and desk profiling, peer-to-peer benchmarking, top functions used and usage heat maps.

Track record of usage transparency & cost containment

DART has a track record of over 15 years helping investment banks, retail banks, wealth management, asset managers and other financial institutions gain full transparency over their Bloomberg usage and optimise their market data spend with over 60,000 Bloomberg positions monitored.

(DART is a proprietary tool from Vela. Screen, a TRG company, and Vela are strategic partners for the DART product)

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