Quest - Library request tracking software

Information services teams receive multiple research & reference requests every day. But how do you keep track of these requests, ensuring you respond efficiently to clients and avoid duplicating efforts?

Quest is a request tracking & ticketing system that enables you to seamlessly manage and track your library research & reference requests more efficiently in one, simple intuitive platform.

How does Quest work?

Quest - Library requests tracking software

Why Quest? – Business benefits

Quest was designed in partnership with cross-sector information service professionals. This means that Quest’s user experience and functionality has been tailored to suit the bespoke workflow processes of an information library and the teams that work within them. That’s why our customers choose to use Quest instead of other more generic helpdesk service platforms.


  • Improves speed and quality of responses
  • Provides insight into project scope, enabling workload balance across teams
  • Enhances collaboration capabilities on large requests

Time savings

  • Removes error-prone manual tracking of requests in email and spreadsheets
  • Stores previous research requests eradicating duplicate searches


  • Enables justification of library budget and headcount based on workload statistics
  • Tagging requests allows you to report and allocate costs to projects and clients
  • Dashboard provides a real time snapshot of requests and individual performance

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