ResearchMonitor - Tracking online subscriptions

Web-based subscription tracking & management software

Companies spend millions on web-based subscriptions. But how do you know if your firm is fully utilising these expensive services, or if you’re wasting money on unfulfilled and underused subscriptions?

ResearchMonitor provides firms in the legal and financial markets with a central system to manage and analyse all of their users’ online research and subscriptions, including usage.

How does ResearchMonitor work?

ResearchMonitor - Tracking online subscriptions

Why ResearchMonitor? – Business benefits

Companies use ResearchMonitor to reduce cost and improve efficiency; providing visibility into, and control over, online usage. This facilitates informed negotiation with vendors, internal or client cost allocation, password management, contract/license compliance, and so on.

Subscription cost savings

  • Overall savings in 3rd party vendor fees – RM pays for itself in a few months
  • Negotiate down subscriptions you are not using, and guide users to less expensive sites
  • Central view into vendors and usage, enables you to allocate fees internally and for client recharge

Time savings & control

  • Saves tons of time dealing with multiple users forgetting login credentials
  • Improved end users’ experience & significant time savings by having seamless login experience
  • A one-stop shop to view, control and report on online research and subscriptions

Risk savings

  • Provides visibility into 3rd party license breach penalty risk
  • Resolves compliance and license access risk, especially with leavers and joiners
  • Enables you to unbundle research fees for regulatory risk requirements and fund allocation

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